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Vibrant Glen Forrest Wedding: Sophie & Bradford's Magical Day | Perth Wedding Photographer

Updated: Jan 3

Please note: This is a small sample of the final gallery delivered which contained 775 images on a 6 hour photography contract. If you would like to see what a full wedding gallery looks like, use the button below.

Gonzalo Novoa Photography capturing a beautiful bridal bouquet during bridal portraits
Stunning Wedding Bouquet by Florosa Floral Design

Sophie and Bradford's love unfolded against Glen Forrest's picturesque backdrop, and I had the joy of capturing their vibrant union. As a Perth Wedding Photographer, it was an unforgettable day filled with fun and pure joy! 📸✨

What's a kitten card doing here? Read to the end to see what's inside 😊

Thank you card with a photo of a kitten, on a linen-like background
A mysterious card with a kitten on it appears!

Prepping for the Perfect Perth Wedding

The day started at Sophie's childhood friend's house, where the air buzzed with excitement as Sophie and her bridesmaids were getting ready for the day.

The First Look: Emotions Unveiled

I helped set the stage for Bradford's first glimpse of his bride-to-be, Sophie. The emotions were palpable – nerves, excitement, and love all rolled into one unforgettable moment. It was like time paused as they locked eyes, soaking in the enormity of the day they'd been waiting for.

The Ceremony

Then it was off to the main event at Sophie's parent's home, a place saturated with nostalgia and adorned with wisteria flowers enveloping the courtyard. It was like a fairy tale. In this setting, steeped in personal history, the ceremony took place, full of love and cherished moments.

The Bridal Portraits: Capturing Love in Perth's Natural Beauty

Post-ceremony, nature beckoned—a beautiful backdrop for capturing the essence of their love. We ventured into the woods that became the canvas for immortalizing the shared glances and laughter of the bridal party and the intimate moments shared by Sophie and Bradford.

The Reception

Returning to the familial warmth of Sophie's parents' abode, the celebration continued, punctuated by heartfelt speeches, an enchanting first dance, and more memorable moments.

And what about the intricate details that made this day uniquely Sophie and Bradford? Their vibrant and fun-loving personalities were mirrored in their wedding décor and colourful fun. The garden venue, a place close to Sophie's heart, was a canvas for their joy and happiness.

The culinary delights reflected a blend of comfort and Asian cuisine, offering guests a tempting array of cheeseburgers, bao buns, pork belly, and other delectable treats.

But the real stars? Sophie and Bradford, hands down. Their love lit up the whole place, and their guests showed them so much love throughout the whole day.

In capturing these magical moments, I had the privilege of freezing in time the essence of Sophie and Bradford's union, ensuring every cherished memory was immortalized.

As the night drew to a close, bidding farewell amidst the glow of hand lanterns, Sophie and Bradford embarked on their new chapter, a chapter illuminated by love, laughter, and promises for a lifetime.

Bride and groom holding hand lanterns in the middle of the night
We closed the night with this impromptu photo request

The Reveal Celebration

Sometime after the wedding, during our reveal celebration at my home studio, Sophie and Bradford handed me a present, which came with a heartfelt note, a heartwarming testament to our journey together.

"Dear Gonzalo (The BEST photographer)," they wrote, "Thank you for making our special day as magical as it was! You were as excited as we were, and you were an absolute delight to work with. We are so very excited to see your work and hope you stay in touch. Love, Sophie and Bradford."

Inside the thank you card with a photo of a kitten, on a linen-like background
Heartwarming words from S&B

My Final Thoughts as a Perth Wedding Photographer

Being part of Sophie and Bradford's vibrant celebration in Glen Forrest encapsulates the essence of why I love being a wedding photographer. The joy, the raw emotions, and the unique stories that unfold amidst Western Australia's picturesque landscapes are what fuel my passion. Capturing these cherished moments, and freezing time to immortalize love stories is not just a profession but a heartfelt journey. Each wedding, like Sophie and Bradford's, adds a chapter to my love affair with photography—a continuous narrative of love, laughter, and the magic of heartfelt connections that I'm grateful to be a part of.


Makeup artist: Tenille Flintoff

Hair stylist: Mia

Ready to dive into more of my world and explore the heartfelt stories I've captured? Come on over to my website for a closer look. Let's connect and bring your unique love story to life together!


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