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Perth Wedding Photographer at Caversham House

Updated: Jan 3

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The forecast for Caversham, WA announced a 90% chance of rain for the wedding day! As a Perth wedding photographer, preparation can make or break your day since Perth’s weather can be unpredictable at times…

As the days went by the forecast started to look more favourable, 80% chance of rain 2 days before the wedding, 60% the day before and 50% on the wedding day. Long story short… the sun made a full appearance on the day and the rest can be seen here.

Bridal Preparation

I started the day with some detailed shots at the bride’s home while mixing things up as they were getting ready. I snuck in a few portraits here and there with a good mix of candid shots.

Once everyone was ready, it was time to leave.

The limo was waiting outside, but first… Let me take a portrait 😜... this amazing Range Rover limousine is part of Wicked Limousine’s fleet mention us if you speak with them 😉

The Venue Details

Meanwhile at Caversham House, in Swan Valley, Western Australia. My second photographer took care of the stunning venue’s details and decorations.

Guest Portraits

As the guests arrived our second photographer took some amazing portraits of the different family units as they arrived, here’s a small sample of them.

The Arrival

Jessica and the bridal party arrived just in time, the planner at Caversham House was waiting to coordinate the small details so everything would go smoothly.

It was unfortunate that some of the grass was spotty, but nothing that a little bit of photoshop magic can’t fix. Have a look at the before and afters of the next 3 images. *MAGIC* 😜

It's GO Time

The Ceremony started to unfold; the moment that everyone's been waiting for is getting closer. You can smell the joy in the air 😊

And the final walk began (some more photoshop magic on the grass 😊)

I get chills remembering this part, it was so beautiful!

Perth Wedding Photographer, Wedding Ceremony - Gonzalo Novoa Photography at Caversham House
Wedding Ceremony Bridal Party

The Unexpected!

The arbour fell back! It was a confusing couple of seconds but the groomsmen came to the rescue to secure it in place! Legends!

They tied the knot!

And then they were husband and wife. Congrats Jessica and James! You guys are awesome 🤩 Olga Brown from Perth Celebrants did the honours and got them hitched!

With the ceremony finished, it was then the perfect time to get some heartwarming family portraits for the wedding album and prints for the guests.

The wedding album highlights

After the general portraits we moved to the main portraits and the sun was “the star” of the show, giving us some magnificent backlight to create these beautiful images.

We stopped for a little bonding moment for the bridal party, the beautiful swing at Caversham House was perfect for the occasion as the trees around the area provide the perfect foreground to give these images a hint of a private/journalistic feel.

After that, we split up from the bridal party for some more intimate couple portraits. The stairwells, pillars and overall architecture of Caversham House are absolutely gorgeous allowing for some great images.

Our second photographer took care of capturing the ambient before the reception, with all the guests having a nice time relaxing and talking.

The food was amazing—buffet-style dinner and dessert. My tummy said yes.

The Reception starts

The rockstars of the day made their entrance and the crowd went wild!

Heartfelt, fun, tear-jerking speeches were had and soon enough the cake was cut!