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Tradition and Togetherness: The Anniversary Dance at Weddings

Updated: Jan 3

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As a wedding photographer based in our beautiful Perth, Western Australia, I've had the incredible opportunity to witness countless moments of love and joy. Today, I want to share with you one of my favourite wedding traditions: The Wedding Anniversary Dance.

Perth Wedding Photographer, Wedding Ceremony - Gonzalo Novoa Photography at The Guildford Hotel, Guildford WA
Keita & Jesse at The Guildford Hotel

Join me as we explore this heartwarming tradition that adds an extra touch of magic to weddings!

Who is this for?

Couples whose grandparents or parents are still with us. The final part of the Anniversary Dance will have the newlyweds dancing with the couple(s) that have been married the longest. Be sure to find out who they are exactly and how long they've been married in advance. Knowing this will also help you figure out if the Anniversary Dance is right for your wedding. More details in the "The Longest-Married Couples" section.

Setting the Scene

Picture this: a beautifully decorated dance floor, filled with the shimmering glow of fairy lights and soft romantic tunes. As the newlyweds take centre stage, surrounded by their friends and family, it's time to celebrate the enduring power of love. The Anniversary Dance is a heartwarming tradition that pays tribute to the couples who have been married the longest, reminding us all of the beauty and longevity of committed relationships.

Perth Wedding Photographer, Wedding Ceremony - Gonzalo Novoa Photography at Yoothamurra Homestead, Oakford WA
Anastasia & Cale at Yoothamurra Homestead

The Anniversary Dance Begins

Get ready for a heartwarming moment as your DJ/MC announces the start of the Anniversary Dance by inviting all the married couples to join the dancefloor, yes, this includes you!

Opt for a timeless, romantic song as your pick. Doing this will resonate with most guests, as they'll likely be familiar with it. Think Elvis, Etta James, Frank Sinatra, Diana Ross and many others...

The Anniversary Dance Unfolds

As the dance floor fills in and love takes centre stage, enjoy the moment. Share a kiss, look at the other couples around, wonder how long they've been married, but above all, rejoice in the adventure that you're starting as a married couple.

Perth Wedding Photographer, Wedding Ceremony - Gonzalo Novoa Photography at Matilda Bay Restaurant, Crawley WA
Rose & Tian at Matilda Bay Restaurant

Unexpected Moments of Fun

Now, here's where the Anniversary Dance gets really exciting. You can get your DJ to spice things up by inviting everyone to give a shout-out to categories, like "the couple who's been married the shortest time" or "the couple who travelled the farthest/shortest 😂 to be here today."

These unexpected moments bring a delightful twist to the tradition, showcasing the diversity and unique stories of the guests.

The Longest-Married Couples

As the song reaches its midway point or perhaps after smoothly mixing in a 2nd romantic song, the DJ will gently request couples, other than you, to gracefully step off the dance floor, starting with the most recently married. We're talking about couples who tied the knot less than 5 years ago, then less than 10, 25, 50, and so on. It's crucial to keep track of the longest-married couple and their impressive years of togetherness so that the DJ doesn't accidentally shuffle them away! 😅

Perth Wedding Photographer, Wedding Ceremony - Gonzalo Novoa Photography at The Guildford Hotel, Guildford WA
The Bride's parents at The Guildford Hotel

A Lesson in Love

As you share the dancefloor with the longest married couple in the room, be sure to be in the moment, soak it all in! Your wedding day goes so fast for most couples and remember. Beyond the fun and laughter, the Anniversary Dance teaches us valuable lessons about love, commitment, and longevity. It's a reminder that true love knows no boundaries and that enduring relationships are built on a solid foundation of trust, communication, and a healthy dose of humour.

Perth Wedding Photographer, Wedding Ceremony - Gonzalo Novoa Photography at The Guildford Hotel, Guildford WA
Lisa & Nigel at The Guildford Hotel

Capturing the Moments

As a wedding photographer, it's my honour to document the emotions that unfold during the your day, including the Anniversary Dance. The smiles, the laughter, the sweet glances, and even the occasional competitive spirit—I love to capture it all. These photographs become cherished memories that couples can look back on, reflecting on the love and laughter shared by their closest friends and family.

Perth Wedding Photographer, Wedding Ceremony - Gonzalo Novoa Photography at Sandalford Wines, Caversham WA
Bella & Liam at Sandalford Wines


The Anniversary Dance is a beautiful tradition that infuses weddings with a touch of nostalgia, laughter, and genuine admiration for the power of enduring love. It's a celebration of commitment and a reminder that, through the ups and downs, love truly conquers all.

So, dear readers, embrace this wonderful tradition if it applies to you, let your hearts dance, and capture the magic of love in every frame!

Don't let these precious moments slip away – reach out using my contact form. Let's start a conversation about your vision, your dreams, and how we can bring your unique love story to life through my lens.

Much love to you.


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