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I help couples and families create a legacy of heartfelt memories that go beyond the intangible realm of digital files.
Gonzalo Novoa - Perth Wedding Photographer

I believe that you deserve the absolute best and I want to make sure we are the right choice for each other. I do not take on every session I am asked to photograph; for me, it is crucial that I work with individuals who share our values.

Some things you can expect when working with me

Fluid communication. My response times are really fast!

Transparency. You ask, I answer.

Tips and planning advice for your wedding. You can rely on my experience!

Beautiful imagery. The kind that you’ll want to decorate your home with.

The highest quality albums, and wall-art in Australia which will stand the test of time.

Above all, you'll be treated with respect, kindness, joy, and genuine interest.

I am here for you.

"If you have the means to hire their team, you should do it in a heartbeat! You won’t be disappointed!"

 "Our friends and family can’t stop talking about the photos"

— Ashleigh Wilson (source)

If you're still reading, I'm assuming we've got a good thing going already 😇 you can skip the rest and I'll be there for your wedding 😆

No, but seriously. I enjoy meeting new couples, it's always so endearing to learn about your love stories and everything that's unique about each of you! Once I understand who you are, I will tailor my services and adjust to your wedding needs so you can simply relax and enjoy yourself during the big day. Forget about the planning, the details, the stress, and just be!

I want you to smile thinking about dancing with your grandma, or maybe doing some air guitar with your bridal party, spinning your fiancee around or tear up when walking down the aisle and seeing your other half waiting for you with excitement, or singing your heart out with your friends and family to your favourite songs during your reception.


I want you to be immersed in the amazing experience that's your wedding and I want you to know that our team will be there to capture each one of these moments so you can enjoy them for the rest of your life.

Wedding Photography?

One of the main reasons I started as a photographer was to capture my family's memories (we have 4 children with my wife 😄) this then transitioned into capturing the memories of other families, landscapes, etc... But let me tell you something not many know... When I started, it never, ever crossed my mind that I'd be doing weddings! 


Weddings are very complex photography-wise, there are no second chances at the first kiss, or the first dance, etc... there are no do-overs, it's scary AF when you first start, I mean... you don't want to ruin the once-in-a-lifetime photos for someone... 😇 Luckily, that has never happened as I take every measure to ensure it never will.

As I was saying... one fateful day, I was invited to be a second shooter at a wedding, and after a lot of hesitation, I accepted and I completely fell in love with every part of it.


What a joyful day it was! I still get chills when I think about it 😊


I learned about the beautiful love story of this amazing couple and I knew at that moment that I wanted more; that's when I decided to make weddings the primary focus of my photography business.

Ultimately, I photograph weddings because it feels wholesome to be a part of one of the single most important moments in a person’s life; it fills me with true joy, awe and excitement 🥰

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Perth Wedding Photographer Gonzalo Novoa Photography


You deserve the absolute best.
And I want to make sure
I am the right choice for you.

I do not take on every wedding I'm asked to photograph. It's of paramount importance to me that I work with couples who share my values and passion for photography.

I want to hear more about you and your story!

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