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[Review] Brookleigh Estate: A Dream Wedding Venue in Perth

Updated: Jan 3

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For a wedding photographer, Brookleigh Estate is an absolute dream venue.

The Lakeside, Brookleigh Estate - Perth Wedding Venue
Brookleigh Estate - Perth Wedding Venue "The Lakeside"


Located in the beautiful Swan Valley region of Western Australia, it's a breathtaking wedding venue that offers everything you need to create the wedding of your dreams.

The Estate is set on 80 acres of manicured gardens, stunning vineyards, and picturesque lakes, making it a truly idyllic location for your special day.


One of the unique features of Brookleigh Estate is its onsite accommodation options. The Estate offers a range of luxurious villas and apartments that are perfect for your wedding party or out-of-town guests.

The villas are elegantly appointed with modern furnishings, while still maintaining the Estate's rustic charm. Each villa features a private balcony or courtyard, so your guests can relax and take in the stunning views.

As a Wedding Venue

One impressive detail about Brookleigh Estate is that it offers six different locations for receptions and ceremonies! I don't know of many Perth wedding venues that can say the same.

The Lakeside

Surrounded by beautiful water features, is perfect for couples who want an outdoor ceremony with a stunning view.

The Stables

These European-designed stables offer a practical and stylish atmosphere, reminiscent of an old country woodland Church.

As an added bonus, the staff at Brookleigh Estate can transform the stables and make it ceremony ready in only two hours in case of an unexpected rainy day.

The Chateau

The French-inspired building serves as the centrepiece of the estate. The building features stunning architecture and elegant interiors, with high ceilings, chandeliers, and grand staircases. It is a popular location for wedding ceremonies and receptions, providing a sophisticated and romantic backdrop for couples on their special day.

Main building, Brookleigh Estate - Perth Wedding Venue
Brookleigh Estate - Perth Wedding Venue "The Chateau"

The Courtyard

Just behind the Chateau and enveloped by lush trees, surrounding spa gardens and a pool, is the Courtyard. This area is a beautifully-hidden gem, providing an intimate location for a Reception for up to 50 guests.

The Lawn

With the option to set up a marquee or have a romantic wedding under the stars, The Lawn is located right next to the indoor arena and its limestone walls, which reflect a golden light creating a beautiful backdrop for your special day. The informal hedging and country-like setting of The Lawn makes it a perfect location for an elegant and charming wedding celebration.

The Secret Garden

Brookleigh Estate's Secret Garden offers a magical setting for a garden ceremony and reception. With its lush flowers and trees, your guests will feel transported to a fairy-tale world. As the sun sets, the garden transforms into a romantic atmosphere with a starlit reception, surrounded by the enchanting glow of the Wisteria Lane fairy lights.

After being a Perth wedding photographer for several years. I've been fortunate to photograph a number of weddings at Brookleigh and every time the ceremony has been in different areas, and they have all worked exceptionally well in terms of layouts and space.

The Reception

The same goes for receptions, there are many options to suit different styles and layouts with a good amount of space between tables, which helps a lot so I don't bump their chairs when photographing the guests at their assigned tables.

Wedding Photography

As for your wedding photos, You and I are spoilt for choice, just a few steps one way and we get bush vibes, some steps back to the main building and we get manicured gardens, a few more steps again and we get beautiful lakes, ponds, fountains, bridges, long stretches of road, plus the architecture of every building in the venue is like taken out of a fairy tale.

Lastly... a big plus for me it's that it's less than 15mins away drive from my place haha 😂

Anyway, if you like this venue and you would like me to capture your wedding in this way, hit me up on the contact form or social media 😊

Check out Brookleigh Estate's website for further details and contact information


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