• Gonzalo Novoa

Brookleigh Estate - Perth Wedding Venue

Updated: Nov 7

As a wedding photographer, Brookleigh Estate is a dream venue 🤩 If you're looking for a wedding venue in Perth, Brookleigh Estate should be among your first choices.

It's located on Upper Swan, in the Great Northern Hwy and it's very simple to get to, with no complicated directions.

Main building, Brookleigh Estate - Perth Wedding Venue
Brookleigh Estate - Perth Wedding Venue

One impressive detail about Brookleigh Estate is that it offers six different locations for receptions and ceremonies! I don't know of many Perth wedding venues that can say the same.

After being a Perth wedding photographer for several years. I've been fortunate to photograph several weddings here at Brookleigh and every time the ceremony has been in different areas, and they have all worked exceptionally well in terms of layouts,

The same goes for receptions, there are many options to suit different styles and layouts with a good amount of space between tables, which helps a lot so I don't bump their chairs when photographing the guests at their assigned tables.

As for your wedding photos, You and I are spoilt for choice, just a few steps one way and we get bush vibes, some steps back to the main building and we get manicured gardens, a few more steps again and we get beautiful ponds, fountains, bridges, long stretches of road, plus the architecture of every building in the venue is like taken out of a fairy tale.

Lastly... a big plus for me it's that it's less than 15mins away drive from my place haha 😂

Anyway, if you like this venue and you would like me to capture your wedding in this way, hit me up on the contact form or social media 😊

Check out Brookleigh Estate's website for further details and contact information