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Our "human-first; client-later" approach to weddings ensures your peace of mind throughout the whole process.

You will feel at ease talking about your goals and dreams with us right from your first enquiry.
Wedding Ceremony - Gonzalo Novoa Photography at Scented Gardens, South Perth, WA

The true value of a photograph is often understood many years after it is taken.

Each of your images is professionally edited and ready for you to enjoy in full resolution without any restrictions.

Print them big or small from wherever you want as much as you want.

Have your cake and eat it too? You get all your images in their digital form and you get turn them into a family heirloom to pass through the future generations.

Only the absolute best for you.


That’s why most of our collections include a museum-grade, custom-designed wedding album; because nothing surpasses the feeling of holding your memories in your hands.

Our packages for

Weddings & Elopements start at $1900

I bet you have a million questions.


Don’t worry. We’ve been through the planning, researching, hair pulling and all the other happy feelings 😅 many times over.


At your disposal is our time, knowledge and kindness with none of the sales pitch rubbish.

Let us take over your worries.


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We do not take on every wedding we're asked to photograph. It's of paramount importance to us that we work with couples who share our values and passion for photography.

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