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Authentic moments & genuine emotions
For couples who want to just "BE" on their wedding day.


The awkward, fake, generic and staged photos are officially cancelled!

I work with my clients to achieve a relaxed, low-pressure environment that creates natural, passion-filled imagery.

So you can re-live and experience the emotions of your wedding day all over again EVERY 👏🏻 SINGLE👏🏻 TIME👏🏻 you look at your wedding album!

When you show your images to, family, friends, and perhaps even your children, you will do so with joy and excitement because they will be transported back and experience the emotion of the day captured just as it happened.

So when you think back to your wedding day, a smile will fill your mind, heart and soul.

Our Journey Starts Here

Perth Wedding Photographer, Wedding Portraits - Gonzalo Novoa Photography at Caversham Hou

Yup... That's Me!



 My name is Gonzalo (Gone - Zah - Loh)


Together we will create magic on your wedding day! And it's not because of my Cert III in being RAD or your bachelor's degree in being freaking awesome.

It's because, on your wedding day, you will be at ease, relaxed, and comfortable being yourself and having fun. Like a big day out with friends and family.

This doesn't happen by accident though.

My approach to weddings and getting to know each of my couples gives me that edge. 

Now... It will take you precisely 48.34 seconds to fill in the contact form and get the ball rolling... I dare you to take a leap of faith today! 🕊

Or learn more about me on the link below 😊

I let my work do this part of the talking because It speaks clearly through my client's expressions.

The joy, excitement, and overwhelming feelings of your special day, are captured and frozen in time for you and your future generations to reminisce. 

I am not just snapping pics. I am capturing the foundations of your Family Legacy.

Because the story of your love deserves to be told. And I am your writer.

(yup, I'm super cheesy sometimes...) 🤣

Perth Wedding Photographer, Wedding Portraits - Gonzalo Novoa Photography at Caversham Hou
Perth Wedding Photographer, Wedding Ceremony - Gonzalo Novoa Photography at Peppermint Gro

Not my words


They are the ultimate form of validation from my dear clients. 


Receiving a long review with details on how my approach to weddings, personality, imagery and my process has helped my clients, is easily the most rewarding feeling in my business.

I mean, I do have a blast during your wedding day, but knowing that you felt awesome too is just next level.

Thank you to all my past couples 🥰


And to you who is lurking here right now... Will you get to write one of these? 😉☺️

Your wedding day is one of the most important days of your life, and your wedding images will be that tangible reminder of the emotions, joy, and love that you and your partner shared on your special day.

Great wedding photography is about more than just capturing beautiful images. It’s about capturing the essence of your relationship and the unique story that will be written on your wedding day.

Gonzalo Novoa Photography - Heirloom Wedding Album - GNP19703.jpg
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