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Elevate Your Wedding Experience

Elegant, timeless, and breathtaking imagery that tells your story in every frame.

Ditch the formalities, embrace the real you. This is your wedding. Don't waste it on fake smiles and forced poses. Let loose, and embrace the raw, unfiltered beauty of the moment.

We're not here to capture staged perfection, but genuine, heart-exploding love. We seek the authentic, the intimate, the moments that make you, you. Think laughter that spills from your soul, tears that glisten with joy, and connections that run deeper than the ocean.

So, let your hair down, clink your glasses, and soak it all in. Feel the ground beneath your dancing feet, the warmth of your loved ones surrounding you, and the pure, unadulterated happiness of this incredible day.

This is your story. Live it fully. Live it authentically. Breathe it all in and let us capture the magic, just as it unfolds.

True love, Captured.

Our Journey Starts Here

Perth Wedding Photographer, Wedding Portraits - Gonzalo Novoa Photography at Caversham Hou

About Me


We get it – the camera can be intimidating. But your love story is too beautiful to be overshadowed by nerves!

At Gonzalo Novoa Photography, we understand that each couple brings their unique story and comfort levels to their wedding day. Our approach goes beyond just taking photos; it's about building a personal connection with you. From our initial discovery call, we strive to create a relaxed atmosphere where you feel heard, understood, and at ease in front of the camera.

We specialise in working with couples who might feel a bit camera-shy, offering guidance, patience, and a friendly environment to capture your genuine emotions. Our goal is to not just document your day but to ensure you feel comfortable, allowing us to capture authentic and beautiful moments that reflect your true self. Let's create stunning memories together, one candid smile at a time.

Learn more about me on the link below 👇

Perth Wedding Photographer, Wedding Portraits - Gonzalo Novoa Photography at Caversham Hou

Dive into our wedding portfolio, where each image tells a story of candid love, joy, and timeless moments. It's not just photography; it's a journey through the heart of your special day, frozen in the beauty of pixels. Let the pictures speak the emotions words can't capture. 📸💕

Because the story of your love deserves to be told. And I am your writer.

(yup, we are super cheesy sometimes...) 🤪

Perth Wedding Photographer, Wedding Ceremony - Gonzalo Novoa Photography at Peppermint Gro



🌟 Discover the magic through the kind words of those who've shared their wedding day with me.

Don't just take our word for it—let their words paint a picture of what your journey could be like.


Head over to the Reviews page and be inspired by the love stories that came to life through our lens. 📸💖

Gonzalo Novoa Photography - Heirloom Wedding Album - GNP19703.jpg

Your wedding day is one of the most important days of your life, and your wedding images will be that tangible reminder of the emotions, joy, and love that you and your partner shared on your special day.

Great wedding photography is about more than just capturing beautiful images. It’s about capturing the essence of your relationship and the unique story that will be written on your wedding day.

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