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Your wedding photography experience starts with a quick telephone conversation.

Let's touch base on your vision, learn what is important to you, discuss pricing options, inclusions, and to set a date for your obligation-free consultation.

A short phone call is the most effective way to learn the basics and see if we hit it off.

"Emails get reactions. Phone calls start conversations"— Simon Sinek.



During the consultation, we will meet to discuss how we can create truly unique imagery for you.

I want to learn about your styles, personalities, and ideas for this unique moment in your life.

​You will also get a chance to view, touch and feel beautiful heirloom products; envision the impact they will have in your home, and finally, if we're a good fit, we'll book your wedding.

“Success occurs when opportunity meets preparation.” — Zig Ziglar


Wedding details at Caversham House colou
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The planning takes shape and the fun begins. During your wedding day, I'll be both your guide and stealthy shadow. Your guide when we need it for amazing portraits, posed group shots and portraits for your guests; and stealthy so you feel comfortable, relaxed, without the pressure of the camera, dictating your behaviour.


Basically we'll have fun putting in motion what we discussed during your consultation and more. 

"Photography is the pause button of life." — Unknown.



Our hard work has led us to this stage. This is where it all comes together.


A few weeks after your wedding we will meet again to view your beautiful images, select your favourites, and decide how you will display your legacy.


I will present you the pre-production version of your wedding album, decide on amount of pages, and make some creative decisions around it.

We can also discuss about Wall Art or some beautiful Matted Prints? It's your call, you can order as little or much as you like.

"Art is a journey of discovery" 

— John Paul Caponigro


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It's time to harvest the results of your investment and get the silk gloves out.

Your finished products will be ready approximately 3-4 weeks after The Reveal. As soon as your products are available, I'll get in touch with you to hand-deliver these precious memories to your door. 

And that's the end of this journey, for now... As a valued customer you will now have access to exclusive discount pricing for all your future family photography session fees.

Thank you for working with me!

"It is often that the most difficult paths lead us to the most beautiful destinations" 



Perth Wedding Photographer Gonzalo Novoa Photography


You deserve the absolute best.
And we want to make sure
we are the right choice for you.

We do not take on every wedding we're asked to photograph. It's of paramount importance to us that we work with couples who share our values and passion for photography.

We want to hear more about you and your story!

Once you fill out the contact form we will be in touch with you as quickly as we can possibly do.

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