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Choosing the best location for your Engagement Photos in Perth

Updated: Jan 3

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Your engagement session is an opportunity to capture the love and excitement you share with your partner. It's also the best way to get used to being in front of the camera and shake some of the nerves off before the big day.

camera pan on dog's face which seems to be nervous
Getting used to being in front of the camera be like...

But before you can start thinking about the perfect poses and outfits, you'll need to choose a location that sets the right tone for your engagement photos.

Couple's Engagement Session at The University of Western Australia
Couple's Engagement Session at The University of Western Australia

Here are some ideas on choosing your couple's engagement session location in Perth, along with some theme suggestions for different vibes.

Consider your personal style and interests

Think about what makes you and your partner unique. What are your favourite hobbies or activities? Do you have a favourite spot in nature or a favourite restaurant in town? Choosing a location that reflects your personal style and interests will make your photos feel more authentic and meaningful.

Make your engagement photos truly yours

Just because you're going to be in front of the camera, it doesn't mean we can't make it fun!

What about a picnic, or a walk near the beach while having some street food? You be bike riding together and getting some snaps of it! Or maybe your perfect date is at the gym, maybe it's bowling... I don't know... This one is for you to figure out. 😊

The point is... we don't need to just stand in front of the camera and look pretty. We can 100% make it a one-of-a-kind photography session with a bit of thinking. Like Maria & Fabio below. One of their favourite activities is hiking, so we got up at 4am and went hiking at Mundaring Weir on this amazing Sunday morning. ❤️

Think about the season and time of day

The season and time of day can impact the lighting and ambience of your photos. If you're planning a beach shoot, you might want to schedule it for golden hour when the light is soft and warm. If you're shooting in the middle of the day, you may want to choose a location with ample shade or indoor options.

Choosing a theme based on your style

Below are some typical themes that you can start planning from. From here we can work out a more specific location that will suit your ideas during our planning session.

  • Bush

  • Urban

  • Beach

  • Garden

  • Rustic

Consider the logistics

Some locations may require permits, in fact, many national parks (looking at you Whiteman Park) require permits that cost $100 or more!

Some other locations have limited accessibility, or require special equipment to get to. Make sure you're aware of any potential challenges before you commit to a location.

Engagement Photos at The University of Western Australia
Engagement Photos at The University of Western Australia


Start by narrowing the theme for your photoshoot and I will work with you to narrow down the specific location.

Don't settle!

If you have a dream location in your heart, I would love to help you make it happen *cough* *cough* I don't charge travel fees up to 100 km from Perth CBD 😉

At the end of the day, no matter which location you choose, remember to have fun and enjoy the moment. Your engagement session is a celebration of your love, and the memories you make during this time will be cherished for years to come.

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