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A Free Webinar on How to Unleash Your Inner Entrepreneur.

Gonzalo Novoa Photography -  - 2024-01-10 Baleigh & Kailym-148.jpg

Presented by Tamala Francis,
Founder & CEO at Francis & Co.

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In this webinar we will cover

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  • The baby will dive straight into the cake 🎂 right?
    It's easy to think that your baby will immediately dive into the cake 🎂 and make a mess of it. However sometimes it takes a bit more time ⏳ But that's ok. Not every child 🧒wants to dive and mess things up right off the bat 🏏 So what do we do? Don't worry, we'll use all the tricks to get things moving. Sometimes that means getting the parents to interact with their child, or "helping" them get started with a taste of the cake. Ultimately. We will get beautiful images no matter what.
  • What if my baby is crying 😭?
    Yeah... crying is one of their signature moves isn't it 😁 I'm a father of four, I've been there! Don't worry. From parent to parent; the crying is the least of our concerns. But we can do some things to help this possible situation. Bring your bub's favourite toy 🧸and/or snack. You can also try feeding your bub a light meal 🍽 before the session, and if possible, a nap 😴 can definitely help with your baby's mood.
  • How many outfit 👕👗changes do I need?
    Things can get really messy sometimes, and it's not uncommon for your little one to be fully covered in cake 🎂and just run towards you... the result? Lot's of laughs 😂! We will need at least one extra outfit 👕👗 change for anyone coming to the session. Yes, you may need extra clothes for yourself, your child and anyone else attending 😅
  • Do I need anything special for the cake 🎂 and/or frosting 🧁?
    Most frosting colours are fine with the exception of red 🔴Unless you're going for a halloween/horror movie style... Brown 🟤 frosting is also up for debate, I will not go into details there 💩🤣 Some colours that I would suggest are Pink 💖, Purple 🟣, Blue 💙, Green 💚, White ⚪️, Yellow 🟡and Orange 🧡they all look fantastic!
  • Do I need to bring any props 🚩?
    Not really... I will supply balloons 🎈, pom poms, bunting and other props to match the colour theme you choose. You're most welcome to bring your own props. Some ideas: A custom banner, or a chalkboard/whiteboard, a matching bowtie ⧓ or hair ribbon 🎀, etc. Let's discuss it first just to make sure there' no extra considerations to make
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